Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear Customer

I. 1. There are more than 40 people working in the site. 2. The rotary machine is in working condition and it is working during normal working hours. It is stopped only during lunch hour or if there is any break down then the machine stop working till the parts have made available. Since the parts are not available in Virar, it takes time to reach the site from the source. 3. This person seems to have made enquiries from people who are not associated with the Project. II. 1. We have already have construction permission from CIDCO. We have made application for revision of plans to VVMC. We have received certain quarries from VVMC which have been resolved. We are now awaiting for final approval from VVMC. 2. This machine is quite capable of building a city. The number of laborers will also go up from the current 40 as soon as the plinth work starts. 3. We have not done booking for the city but we have done booking for just a few buildings which will be completed in two years. 4. There is no provision under any law to provide collateral security. We are answering on both blogs please register yourself to ionic forum with a valid allotment number and name